Endodontic treatment under the microscope

Endodontics is one of our major field of expertise, therefore endodontic treatments in our clinics are currently being offered by experienced dentists who can successfully solve high difficulty cases.

Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technology, equipment and materials, we have increased the long-term success rate of endodontic treatments as well as the difficulty and number of cases that our team can solve.

Sending a patient for treatment to an endodontic specialist

  • Earn more time for your patients
  • Benefit from the collaboration of our endodontic specialists
  • Increase treatment accuracy and, implicitly, long-term success rate
  • Be certain that the treatment has been performed at the highest standards
  • Give your patients the opportunity to be treated with the latest endodontic technology

The benefits of modern microscopic treatments

  • Additional root canals can be detected
  • Enhancement of the operator field image up to 24 times
  • Long-term money saving with greater chances of success
  • Higher treatment precision and long-term success rate
  • Solves previous issues like improper root canal cleaning, identifies fractured tools, prevents perforations

Microscope root canal treatments

Microscope root canal treatments

Medical consults and root canal treatments

  • Magnification of the operator field with the endodontic microscope
  • Powerful light from the LED source
  • Isolation of operator field with dock systems
  • Root canal length electronically determined by apex locators

  • Preparation of root canals with scroll system, speed and torque control
  • Performing irrigation with 5% Sodium Hypochlorite, 17% EDTA, saline
  • Root canal fillings through Downpack and Backfilling
  • Digital X-Ray control during endodontic treatment

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