Oral surgery treatments

Extremely important, oral surgery treatments are always part of a complex oral rehabilitation. In most cases, oral surgery treatments precede the application of prostheses, performing prosthetic works or dental implants.


Apical resection is the procedure involving surgical removal of the root tip (apex) and sealing the root canal. Thus, the infection formed at the root tip is permanently removed and the tooth is saved from the extraction.


Only when the tooth is compromised and can no longer be saved by dental treatments, removing a tooth becomes necessary. Our doctors encourage to save teeth. This avoids the movement of the entire teeth that can cause a bite.


The eruption of the wisdom teeth can cause serious orthodontic problems, persistent pains and sometimes dental abscesses. After they erupt, their crown grows and gradually puts pressure the front teeth. The preventive extraction of the wisdom teeth is beneficial to the health of the whole dentition.

The dental implant

The dental implant is a titanium screw that is placed in the bone to replace the root of a tooth that is missing. This titanium implant will fit the crown of the tooth so that at the end of the treatment you will have a tooth that behaves like natural teeth when you eat, talk or laugh.
To place an implant in the bone it must have certain dimensions to ensure its stability.

The alternative to the dental implant to replace an extracted tooth is to make a bridge (bridge) that rests on healthy neighboring teeth.

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