Dental services at MB Dental

  • Medical consults: Specialty with the implementation of the treatment plan, oral hygiene education
  • Endodontics: treatment of dental pulp disorders, root fillings
  • Dental aesthetics: tooth whitening, ceramic prosthetic works; zirconium; Tooth color fillings
  • Implantology and Oral Surgery: Dental implant and flap surgery
  • Periodontics: periodontal disease therapy (gums)
  • Pediatric dentistry: dental treatments for children with inhalation

  • First general consultation – 80LEI


Oral health evaluation: assessment of each tooth, the health of the gums, position of teeth and contact with each other. You will talk to your doctor about the problems you have identified, the causes that led to them and the variants of dental treatment. By mutual agreement, you will decide the best treatment solution tailored to your case, a treatment timeline, number of sessions, and an estimate of treatment costs.

  • Specialized consultation – 100LEI

In case you require more specialized treatments (eg, surgical, endodontic, periodontal) then you will return for a consultation with one of our specialists. A detailed analysis will reveal all the best treatment solutions and offer answers to all your questions.

  • Fillings with composite materials 200 – 250LEI

servicii-obtThe filling (filling) is the restauration of a cavity that has destroyed part of the tooth. The fillings are made of identical color material with that of the tooth so that they are not visible and the teeth look like perfectly healthy ones. Some cavities can be so deep that they reach the nerve of the tooth, in which case the nerve should be removed by going through a root canal treatment and only then fill the crown of the tooth.

  • Ultrasonic scaling + Professional brushing 200LEI

servicii-detrTartar is a deposit on teeth that can not be removed in your daily brushing. Scaling is done with ultraviolet devices so the procedure is fast, very effective and easy to support by patients. Tartar is a continuous process and periodic scaling at 4-6 months is a necessity. For this reason, we offer our patients a 50% discount price when performing the 6-month periodic checkup.

(50% discount on regular checkup)

  • Ceramic crown (porcelain) and dental bridges – 650LEI


Dental crown cover teeth that have previously been polished by the dentist. This procedure is necessary when the tooth is fractured or has a high degree of destruction due to extended cavities. These crowns can also be part of a bridge when missing teeth are replaced. Ceramic is the most used material for making crowns and bridges because it is very aesthetic, does not change color in time and is extremely easy to accept as part of our teeth. In order to increase the strength of the crowns and bridges, a metallic sheath is installed under the ceramic aesthetic layer.

  • Zirconia crown – 1300LEI


Zirconium is a relatively new material in dentistry serving to make the skeleton for ceramic crowns or bridges. It is currently the most suitable material because it has aesthetic and mechanical properties (increased strength) that are superior to any other material. Zirconium faithfully renders the appearance of natural teeth, making them translucent and do not produce blackening of the gums through oxidation like metal does. Biocompatibility with the body is 100%.

  • Dental implant (without the ceramic crown) – 2100LEI

servicii-impDental Implant is a titanium screw that is placed in the bone to replace the root of a tooth that is missing. This tooth implant will fit the crown of the tooth so that at the end of the treatment you will have a “tooth” that behaves like natural teeth when you eat, talk or laugh. To place an implant in the bone, it must have certain dimensions to ensure its stability. If the bone is not sufficient (height, thickness), artificial bone addition can be made. An alternative to the dental implant to replace an extracted tooth is to make a bridge (bridge) that rests on neighboring teeth that need to be polished even if they are perfectly healthy and do not need any treatment.

  • Ceramic crown on the implant – 1300LEI

servicii-cciThe ceramic crown that is mounted over an implant has the role of restoring the visible part of the tooth (crown). The technology and technique needed to make the implant crowns are different from those used to process ceramic crowns that cover a natural polished tooth. Thus, the cost of a crown for the implant is higher than for crowns used to cover natural teeth.

  • Home Whitening Kit – 700LEI

servicii-agaCustom made plastic trays for teeth (malleable and transparent plastic). They are perfectly suited to the shape of the teeth and gums, and are designed to keep whitening gel on teeth surfaces avoiding contact with gums that can become inflamed by the gel.

  • Professional Teeth Whitening. ZOOM lamp – 1100LEI


The ZOOM whitening method is currently the most effective available because it uses concentrated whitening substances that are activated by the ZOOM lamp. The big advantage of the ZOOM lamp is that it requires no more than one dental appointment. Its price is higher than other whitening methods because it uses more advanced technology and more expensive supplies.

  • Root canal / endodontic treatment (including dental X-Rays) 650 – 850LEI


Endodontic treatment (also called canal treatment or root canal) is the “filling” of the root canal after the nerve has been extracted and the disinfected canal. This treatment is most often needed when there are deep cavities that reach the nerve (dental pulp) producing inflammation or necrosis. The price of these treatments differs according to the number of root canals (some teeth have 1 root canal and others have 4-5). These treatments have a high degree of difficulty because they occur in a very small and hardly accessible space inside the tooth (the root canals are extremely thin, have varying lengths, are calcified). Their success depends directly on the performance of the available technology (instruments, instruments and materials comparable to surgical medical specialties: microscope, LED lighting, rotary mechanically operated needles, etc.).

  • Tooth extraction- 200LEI

Payment methods

We accept cash payment or credit card payment (VISA, MasterCard or other valid credit cards).

For complex treatments involving multiple appointments (eg, performing a prosthetic work), you will be asked to make a prepayment and the difference will be paid at the end of the treatment.

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