Prosthetic and dental aesthetics

Dr. Marius Bud

Dr. Marius Bud offers a wide range of dental treatments and general dentistry procedures.

Dr. Marius Bud is a graduate of the Faculty of Dentistry in Cluj-Napoca, the 2002 promotion. He has a Master in Medical Informatics (UMF Cluj-Napoca) and Oral Imaging (Catholic University of Leuven) and in 2008 he has a doctorate in Medical Science.

He is currently working in the Department of Odontology Endodontics – University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iuliu Haţieganu Cluj-Napoca.

Colegiul Medicilor Dentiști din Romania

Asociația Medicilor Stomatologi cu Practică Privată din Romania

European Society of Microscope Dentistry

IADR International Association of Dentomaxillofacial Radiology

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