Aesthetics and dental restoration

Dr. Marius Bud offers a wide range of dental treatments and general dentistry procedures.

Dental implants and periodontics

Dr. Ondine Lucaciu is specialized in Oral Implantology, Periodontal and Oral Surgery.

Microscope canal treatments

Dr. Stefan Jitaru is specialized in microscope endodontic treatments and addresses difficult cases referred by fellow dentists.

Periodontology and dental restoration

Dr. Mircea Mureşan offers periodontal and restorative treatments.

Microscope root canal treatments

Dr. Radu Bulat is specialized in microscope endodontic treatments.

Pediatric dentistry

Dr. Ştefania Balint offers dental treatments for children along with hygiene trainings and medical consults.

Aesthetics and dental restoration

Dr. Sorana Matei performs dental restorative dentistry and dental treatments.

Medical consults and root canal treatments

Dr. Sergiu Spataru offers patients medical consults and microscope endodontic treatments.

Restorative dentistry medical consults and treatments

Dr. Andrei Voicu offers medical consults and restorative dentistry treatments.

Aesthetics and dental restoration

Dr. Paul Ciobanu offers dental treatments for children, hygiene training and medical consults.

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