We have been with confidence and joy together with Cluj and their friends since 2003. We have grown and developed with pride together and alongside this city through innovation, technology and passion for modern dentistry.

  • Who are MB Dental dentists?
  • What principles guide us in our professional life?
  • What are our specialties?
Who are MB Dental dentists?

The MB Dental team is young, professional, performance-driven, guided by the principle of integrity and empathy.

Dentists are continually specializing, participating at least twice a year in national and international specialist courses, as we believe that modern techniques and cutting-edge technology will help increase the quality of dental treatments that we will offer you.

The age of dentists providing consultations and treatments in our dental clinics ranges from 25-35 years. These are specialists or doctors in medical sciences.

What principles guide us in our professional life?

We are aware that when looking for a dentist, each one of us wishes to give us the utmost attention, to explain, to give us a treatment that is easy to support and of good quality. These are precisely the principles guiding us as doctors in our work.

We aim to meet your needs, bringing added comfort to your dentist experience, as well as new minimally invasive, inhalation, inhalation, microscopic dental services for both adults and children.

What are our specialties?

Endodontics is one of our major specialties, so today we pride ourselves with a team of advanced endodontics made up of specialist physicians experienced in microscopic endodontics, use of rotational preparation systems, three-dimensional closure of the endodontic system, digital imaging CBCT and address difficult cases of perforations, fractured tools or difficult channels.

However, our performance exceeds the endodontic range and the team of physicians consists of specialists in various specialties:

Dental aesthetics
Implantology and Oral Surgery
Pediatric Dentistry


Endodontic treatments under a microscope

Using modern materials and microscopes, the rate of success of endodontic treatments and re-treatments increases to about 90%. It should be noted that it is impossible to guarantee the success of all treatments, because each patient’s body reacts differently to treatments.


Dental treatments for children

MB DENTAL JUNIOR – Dental treatments for children in Cluj-Napoca and Florești with a new concept.

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